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We were able to find the info through a dealer in another state. As I have stated before I think Exmarks web site is crap and its impossible to navigate when your looking for stuff. The Info I just read on our business comp down stairs said the mini fleet plan was 7 points vs 12 points. Nothing about leasing on it so it must be available to both. The reduction listed was 15% on both plans the difference being the full fleet plan allows you to buy stuff under it later for up to one year. But my experience with that clause on a stihl fleet plan was a complete joke. I bought 7 units and went to buy an 8th no more than 5 weeks later and was denied. I don't know if the 15% is off list or promo rate that would be a big difference but I know the 7 points is cute the way it screws guys buying 2 cheap lazers. Since the S and E series count as 3 points a pop you'd be 1 short despite buying 2 mowers. But what I'm looking at list for like 15 and 16 k so 15% off of a list of around 31 k is Huge thats close to 5k off. Still I am hoping for promo rate plus the fleet but the thing is this that plan may or may not be available at all dealers. Mine has said the 0% financing comes out of his pocket meaning he has to pay an up front fee per mower sold under the plan. Still its better to pay that and sell a mower then not pay and have no sale. But it does make me wonder if the mini fleet rate is set up the same way. He told me that one night when we were chatting he likes to talk when he runs his reports after hours sometimes as late as midnight. So I go let me get this strait Dave if I buy 2 new mowers with 0% financing your going to be paying it for me and as a reward for doing so your get 5-10k less a year in repair income from me? Poor old guy had a coughing fit and had to get off the phone for 30 mins to calm down I guess he hadn't considered the real cost of the plan.
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