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Here is the deal. I have knowledge on the benefit's of propane. Last year I looked into it and this year again. Here are the results.

Last year looking to convert 3 mowers.

Talked to the promoter on LS last year and honestly it sounded like they were setting the price of propane based on the price of gas, which is normal but they were setting such price that you would be maybe saving some but not alot. Also the market price (home propane, auto gas) was much lower than what they were wanting to set you up for. This pissed me off greatly. Trying to jack the price. A gallon is a gallon is a gallon so it should be somewhat close in price. Enough on that.

Local suppliers two didn't offer any service. Another is offering a decent service and I would work with him in the future. The big deal was price compared to the volume of fuel. If I also converted both my trucks I would of had enough volume to add a on site fueling station and get really good price per gallon. Bad thing is that it would take at least a year to get my ROI of all the conversion kits. This was a risk I didn't want to take due to costing over $10K with the vehicles done also. Lastly I couldn't find any state or federal assistance to help with costs (mn/wi)

This year I went to the state green expo. Found out that MN and Fed's are offering $1500 and $1000 rebate. Great I thought, read the details only for OEM mowers new or a converted mower less than 5hrs (or something like that). So buying 5 new mowers at one swing wasn't going to happen this year, but I needed a new 48" w/b. Found that Exmark has a OEM propane w/b (didn't find many others), great I can get a $2500 rebate on a w/b. This should be great I thought. Well the Exmark propane w/b is $2500 more than the gas model. So the up grade is a wash and still have a risk that I won't like the propane mower (or propane gouging for fuel price) and resale price would suffer. I'm pretty sure that the propane engine shouldn't cost more due to parts, just lack of volume (which the volume won't come if the price is to high). Guessing just like last years ls propane promoter the mfg is jacking the price because of the rebate money.

So in short I think propane isn't catching on because the propane industry is trying to gouge the LCO due to clean air money. They need to get out of their own way I believe.

I am the person you are trying to get to switch. I do want to run propane but keep on running into the industry giving me a bad feeling on switching. It's a pretty bad if I want to do and can't justify it, just think how hard it is to sell the guy that knows nothing about it. Those are my thoughts, hope it helps. You can pm a number if you would like to talk about it.
Looking for blown Kawi 29HP DFI engine's fd791d, whole thing, intake, throttle body, and electronic's. PM me if you have something you would like to sell.
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