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Thanks for the reply... my search on 'dicyandiamide', has led me to this about Agrotain in which dicyandiamide is one of three methods of stabilizing urea...

* "Agrotain is both a company name and a product name. Agrotain International makes ag products that protect urea fertilizer from loss." *

* "If urea is incorporated, the ammonia is converted to ammonium and will be retained in the soil. But if the urea is left on the surface, much of the ammonia will be lost to the atmosphere." *

So if I'm understanding this correctly, the technology in Holganix , may or may not be the same as one of the Agrotain technologies, but the possibility of these technologies interfering with one another is an issue...

Anyways we now have some science that is giving us hope that we are dealing with something real... We all tend to think Snake Oil when some of these products are announced... maybe not this time...
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