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Originally Posted by Deererunner View Post
$450?! I have been quoted numerous times at $100 from my dealer and they are always the most expensive for parts. Like others have said in this thread and I just posted in another, I looked last year into putting just the blade on a stihl ( preferrablly on a fs100, I think that's the most powerful stihl edger) and the blade should fit. I believe the arbor size is the same. You would just also have to mount the for the bed edger onto the stihl. I think this spring I will be trying it out and will let everyone know about my results.

Big reason for me to running a stihl instead of the echo is I don't believe the echo has enough torque for the blade, I could be wrong though but I do know the stihls always produce more torque. If you watch the echo YouTube videos just sounds like the echo is bogging down an struggling.

Anyone who does own the echo, does it seem to lack power?
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I bought one when they first came out and was quoted $450.00 for a replacement blade. There must be several after market blade makers now to get the price down to what is being displayed. I wish I had kept mine instead of selling it with the business.
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