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Originally Posted by weaver View Post
I totally agree yardguy, i would'nt work for a loss either. I'm just saying AS A SOLO OPERATOR A 20K JOB IS ALOT TO REPLACE.. Maybe i'm just that small & 20k jobs come easily for you guys but not around here. But like i said none of us no his profit or cost on that job so we can all just sit around wondering..
don't get me wrong weaver, 20k is a lot to me as well.

but my comments are coming from the view point of what if it weren't.

sure if you actually applied a 20k job to my business right now. i'd be done if i turned away 20k. thats a huge amount of my income right now. so i probably would do a 5% drop if i could still make a profit and didn't feel the word of mouth would hurt me too much.
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