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That's another serious problem. Don't have so few and big jobs that if you lose one it will hurt you. A few years ago I looked at my accounts and dropped all my big ones and ones that were not as profitable. I did an analysis and found I made way more money per hour on small jobs than big jobs. I left the big jobs for the big guys. It actually hurt a bit (lots) the first year, but I didn't have to work weekends anymore. I have made up that business with smaller jobs. Forward 2 years and my revenues have doubled. All from reading some good business books and taking my business seriously and operating it as a business. I still have lots to learn.
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I agree 100% I had one customer that I did 2 apartment buildings and a commercial complex for, and it was a big chunk of my total income. The guy was always difficult to deal with, but he paid his bills and the accounts were priced right. He asked me for a quote for mulching the commercial complex and flipped out over my price for the job, including my mulch price, saying he could get the same mulch down the road for $20/yard or something and told me to put it down without worrying about the weeds, which were pretty well established. He started cursing at me and I pretty much told him to stick it and find someone else. He stiffed me on everything he owed me for the 3 accounts to that point and I had a big hole in my schedule. It almost put me out of business.
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