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http://jmbrowningloggingandtrucking....ess/letter.htm Read jmbrowning's letter where he speaks about being on Ax men. He clearing points out the direction he wanted to see the show and his disappointment in how bad it was and how they focused on the little stuff and missed the real story. Other fact he says they were never paid wow no way id have them mocking my children on national tv and not get paid on top of it.

Swamp loggers was awesome sadly they seemed to have canceled it. Where it was great was where ax men deadliest catch and all the storage wars and shipping wars ice road truckers fall short. It focused on one company it was not a competition it was life and what hardships were and could make your worse day ever seem mild when you saw what a bad day really was. There was no gay animations with traps or guide wires crushing employees or cutting them in half there as no ridiculous fake drama with fist fights on the job site no re tard ed screams in the gay animations when the workers perished.

If they did a show more than likely it would be one company vs another and we would all get to see the Lawn Count and personally I feel the others nailed it. They would go out of their way to make us look ridiculous to sell the show.
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