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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post

Here's their specs for the SAMSUNG MR-16 Retro:


230 Lumens Light Output - This is on the lower limit of equivalent to most 20W Halogen MR16s.

Rated Voltage: 120V Do you mean 12V? What is the input voltage range?

Power Consumption: 3.8W

Equivalent to a 20W Halogen (Do they not publish photometric data? They should. Taking this as 'true' can get you into trouble fast.


Indoor or enclosed outdoor use only - RED Flag... Not moisture proof.

Rated life of 40,000 hours / 20x longer than a Halogen MR16 Rated how? Is this an L70 number based on LM80 testing protocol?
230 Lumens
Warm White Color - 2,700K Only one colour temperature available = poor selection. What is their avg acceptable variance in CCT between lamps or batches?

25° Beam Angle Only one beam spread available = poor selection.

Energy Efficiency: up to 80% more efficient Like every other LED lamp.

Instant On Obviously.
No Mercury
5 Years Warranty

I won't mention the list price, but they can be bought direct from SAMSUNG's website.
Mike, stick with the market leaders in landscape lighting LED lamps. They offer more options, more features, and excellent performance.
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