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- The grey and blue fonts on the green background makes for a difficult read. If your target market includes people that are getting up there in age, you're really not making it easy on them. Just keep usability in mind when putting together various colors.

- Take a look at how to build a proper navigation system. The small fonts and 5 o'clock position aren't a reflexive place to look for a way to get around a web site. Since putting together a website is a new endeavor for you, I'd highly recommend finding a Wordpress template to get you headed in the right direction.

- You'll also want to read up on image formatting for web sites. How to constrain aspect ratios so that they look the best (2nd pic and 3rd pic) and when to use flat color .gif/.png format vs. jpeg, which is for photographs (the 1st pic, with the split graphic)

- Your "about me" paragraph's bit about "I'm ready to be my own boss" isn't really confidence-inspiring. If you're brand new to this business, I would minimize directly stating this.
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