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Originally Posted by captken View Post
System is over 25 years old. Hasn't run in over 10 years. Park, 8-10 acres.
Repairing busted water lines everywhere. Found 2 valves with the 521a.
Using the 521a to locate all my wires. 8 strand multi colored.
Working on identifying nicks and breaks. Found a 20' gap under a mature Pine Tree.
Unable to continue trace past this point.

Repairs made to busted pipe located beyond this spot, spliced into this multistrand at this point to pick up the trace.
8 strands 4 colors...2 black....2 green....2 yellow....2

Not to be intimidated, I continued with my trace until I ran out of range of the transmitter.

My question, how can I determine which one is the common wire?
I need to find the valves.
[short of running my aerator down the wire line which I am temped to do at this point]

Thank you in advance for your help, kenny.
The common will share continuity with multiple valve and measure resistance values comparable to the valves you have found.

The color scheme leads me to think that you have 12/14ga. single strand rather than 18 ga. multi. Is there a sheath?

A short to earth measurement will onl tell if you have earth contact or not but if the wire measures open to earth, i would try pairing to the other wires or trace it first.

An indication of the common should have been visual at the other valves that you found.
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Another thing to think of is, the green wires could be common and spare. Other wires could be valves and spare.
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