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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
It also has a LOT to do with the area you live in! I have had to let employees go but I have never been concerned for my house or family or anything.....95% of the time the garage is wide open and tools/equipment in plain view. It depends on who you hire, how you deal with employees and the area you live in. This is a rural area and I personally know so many people in the area including neighbors who all keep an eye open. No one is immune but the day I don't want employees to know where I live, is the day I get done. I totally realize some areas of the country this is TOTALLY necessary - I'm just saying my own circumstances.

Not to disagree but, have you ever had to fire someone that stole anything from you? How about stole an account, or work, or a suspected $1000 in fuel? In hind site, I should have just paid the guys his last check of 500 bucks, but we caught him red handed with over $200 in fuel, and I suspected this had happened multiple times. But how would you handle it? Defend yourself and business proper and rights? Or just let it go? Not saying either way is better than the other, but at some point you will run in to a bad situation with an employee.

How about a subcontractor, I had one that tried billing me for 36 hours of plowing, his plow was broken and not useable for 14 of those hours. He wanted me to pay his down time. I didn't pay him for those 14 hours. After going though this, lets just say my sub agreements are clearly spelled out for what we pay. But that's after the fact.

Then after you have to make a tuff choice in what to do...go and ask your wife if she is ok with it. I don't care how I feel. I'm military trained. I can deal with any situation. But my wife can not.

I think if you work with your guys, they have more respect for you and it's not as big an issue when your small. But I had 6-7 at one point. I stayed home, did sales work, fixed problems. To the guys, they started work at 6 am, they worked in the heat, they worked hard 10 hour days, and they got paid jack compared to the boss who sits at home in the a/c watching tv - or this is what I was told

And it's not just about dangerous situations. Just have your guys stop by ring the bell and wake your family up on a day off. I don't want to be bothered, she for sure doesn't want to be bothered.

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