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Gonna try again!

I posted here last year that I was starting up a lawn service last spring, It didn't happen. Me and my wife had a baby in May , then i swapped jobs. The new job wouldn't allow me any time for a side business. Now I'm back to my old job and wanting to start a lawn service again! I'm even farther behind than I was last year! My truck also died last April ( damn Ram trans! ). But I'm not afraid or ashamed of pulling a little trailer with my Altima! One day I'd like to do this full time ( I think, I've never mowed lawns as a full time job but I've always wanted to be my own boss, love cutting grass! I guess we'll see) but I'll just start small and see where I can take it. Still looking for a good used push mower, 36" walkbehind, and used blower. Any advise from any old timers or guys that started at the bottom to get to a self sufficient solo op would be greatly appreciated.
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