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Originally Posted by captken View Post
Sorry, not clear on my part.
Multi colored 8 straind conductor wire present at the junction box had been respliced with a 4 color 8 straind conductor wire.
The wire size is 12g.
I did a trace from the clock to a point and lost signal.
Repaired a busted pipe, cut the wire to trace back in the direction towards the clock to where the signal was lost.

About a 10' gap exist where I think the wire is damaged.

I noticed that the wire where I cut was not matchable color wise to what I started out with.

On the two valves I found, the common wire was black.

I need to figure out what the guys before me have done..
A puzzle indeed.

thanks, kenny.
Your maximum one way distance to the valve is around 3200ft using 12/12 and 4000ft using 12/10 according to my figures, a bit further if you use the book.

That allows for a slighter Vdrop.

I mention this because of the size of the site, a man can get lost and be way too far out.

You can avoid searching areas bogus areas by creating search limits on larger properties.

When you took this site on i would think that you were given a walk about, gathered as much information as possible.

Do you know where the limits of each zone are? Or should be?

I ask because you are looking for 8 valves and 2+2+2+2=8. That would make sense for 7 valves and 1 common.

Being built in the 80s and prolly designed by a LA, i can see a black common with spare, grn w/spare, yel w/spare and red w/spare. that would make sense for 3 valves.

That would mean that there would be another junction box that would prolly run in another direction.

On the other hand there could be 1 blk com w/spare and 2 grn, 2 yel and 2 red but that only accounts for 6 valves? That would mean there is another junction box?

Another scenario would be 1 blk common w/spare, each of the grn, yel and red (6) supporting 1 valve each w/2 wires supporting 2 valves (6+2=8). That would eliminate the extra junction box.

This site is perfect for a pro 800 using broadcast. There is a technique for locating using a moving sweep, the 501 can do it also.

When you lost signal, did it fade? Peak then fade? Drop suddenly? What was your distance? How were you grounded? Have you grounded the far end? (Sounds strange but helps short bridging) What is your output voltage? (High goes deep-low goes long) Short to earth? Condition of found valve wiring?
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