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That was the exact mower i started with, same year, engine, deck, etc.... I sold mine for 5500 with 250 hours. Kinda felt like i let it go for about 500 to cheap but it is what it is.

Decent mower, left a great stripe on dry average growth, 23HP had good power, very maneuverable which i thought was it's best feature.

I say 4K to 4500 and you would have yourself a good mower for a good price.

Exmark replaced that mower with the pioneer X series or S series (i dunno for sure) the higher one of the 2 that they offer in the pioneer series. I think once again Exmark denigrated its product line. The HP was a good mower at a good price.

I'm all about the deals so work what you can if you like it.
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