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Very helpful. I am soaking all this in. Some of those photos will not stay. The one you mentioned was snagged from the city webpage for a park I just took over. In the spring, I will take some of my own shots.

Some of the pages were just a quick cut and paste from a static site. The reason the structure and some of the wording is the way it is, because I wanted to make the 301 directs as clear and simple as possible for the Engines.

Once I am told it is indexed, I will begin restructure and content. It is not good to re-direct old pages into a sea of new content. You want the page names and website structure such to be as close as possible. I can fix that tag however.

Most home page landings will be from links such as Google maps, Bing and Google local, facebook. It is the interior pages that will land most of the engine related traffic.

Approximately 80% of my business is commercial work.

I do not know how close you looked at the SEO but I have some of the latest and greatest in there. I have been spending most of my time under the hood laying down the foundation. Once I have the form and function down then the work comes to laying out some other info and bringing in another website.

I do thank you for the comments. They do mean a lot and I fully understand your points and they are good ones.
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