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Originally Posted by Prestige Landscaping View Post
@ Lazor-cut I don't think you understand production landscaping and if you have time to do all sales then more power to you. @eganscountrygardens I think your a little high on percentages but look pretty good on goals. I do think that if your %'s are that high that your gonna have to incorporate that into your pricing system @ quietone I also think your high. And will fail with the %'s that high 7% of one million would be 70 thousand a year the only way would be able to do that is to build into your pricing and then with the market being as competitive as it is then your will NOT win any bids
I don't know anything about maintenance sales, but for installs 7% is the lowest I've worked for, 10% is standard, and I've gotten 15% (gross cost, not profit). At this point in my career if I went back to work for someone 10% would be the minimum I'd take.

I would think that if you're established enough to hire a full time sales pro and you're sending him on leads where you're competing against low overhead, one truck operations, your targeting is off.
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