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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Where do you find top notch part time employees...? Not trying to offend but I will flat out admit that this industry doesn't attract the the best candidates for employees.

Okay... this is what I have in mind. Typically the class and cut of the type of person I'd want to already hired. And hired full-time.

Has anyone had success with having say 2-3 part-time employees who have full-time jobs who just want to work for extra $ here and there? This way at least one person is available to pitch hit when help is needed...?

I'm really not sure how in today's world much advance notice employers give their FT workers these days...? I'm assuming I'd be trying to attract those who work in retail, customer service and waiters and waitresses. Who don't mind working outdoors a few extra hours per week.

I'm looking for clean cut, presentable people with solid customer service skills who can pass a background check.

In order to weed out candidates sight unseen can one require a color photo copy of drivers license?
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we do have 2 part time workers. they come when we need them.
they both work locally.
they both work only part time for there other job.
i don't believe you can require a DL first sight unseen.
you could put in your add they must pass a background check
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