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I'll give you the demo on the vantage, although in my opinion a demo of a vantage which is like what a 2010 or newer is better than any 08 walkbehind.

as for the walkbehind. that's new price, NOT demo. I'd take it over the 08 HP the OP is talking about. I use to own a TT HP 52" deck as well so don't tell me it's because I've never demo'd or owned one.

I push my brand no more than others push there brand. as far as them being over priced. well there was a thread not to long ago I posted in about how prices per brand seem to be different in different locations. you think exmark is expensive? they are the CHEAPEST price wise in my neck of the woods. the other brands I have access to are much much more. scag, walker and wright stander. and in my opinion none of those are any better than the exmarks and toros I have except for walkers ghs.

for me to get anything similar in a scag or wright stander with the links I posted. I'm looking at 10+ k. scags and wright standers are NOT worth the extra money. they are no different or better than toro or exmark or any other brand for that matter when it comes down to what counts the most, dependability and quality of cut.

just my .02 cents.
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