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Originally Posted by jeffwoodall View Post
not accurate? Not tracking, so what exactly is not accurate? Thanks
There are inaccuracies on all pages. I'm not going to rewrite the site for you. Start with your aeration page and move on from there. Find credible sources of information and fix the information. If you don't understand the subject matter, don't attempt to rewrite it until you do.

On web design (partial list)

Page layout: Comments belong below the menu, and other problems

Images: Captions should be done with HTML, and sized appropriately. If you are going to make an image a link, it either needs to take you to another page, or a larger version of the image.

Code: Is a mess. No valid DTD (HTML 5 is not a standard yet) among a host of other things.

Homepage: Needs to be completely redone. What you have there is primarily an "about me" page.

Text: No consistency at all in size or color.

Document outline: Incorrect, needs to be fixed

Header: There is none. Get rid of the images, and construct a proper header.

Comment form: IMO, it should be on it's own page, not at the bottom of the comment list.
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