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One of mine comes from the agent for a property manager that I used to rent from. I no longer rent from them due to comments from her like "you can't park in front of your place to work on your equipment"!!! I rented one of those small 1000sf warehouse/office spaces in an industrial park strip center with about 6 of these in a row. She said that it made the place look bad when she brought potential renters by to look at the properties. It was crazy the stuff she would come up with.

That's not the story though! I now rent from another place that is on the opposite side of a mutual parking lot from one of the buildings she runs. One of my guys was parked on "her" side of the parking lot and she freaked out about having problems with me even when I didn't rent from them anymore and proceeded to yell at me in the parking lot about bad business and such. I just told her to go to the owner of my building and talk to him. Later we had a good laugh about it.
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