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Originally Posted by DR01D View Post
Hi Jeff from Jobber,

I've got a question about your software.

I don't schedule my customers by time.
Example: 7:30am to 8:00am

I schedule my customers on a particular day by order.
1. John Doe
2. Jane Smith
3. Bob Jones

Can I schedule that way in Jobber? A lot of companies with large routes don't use times, they use order.


Hey DRO1D,

Yes, you can schedule jobs for a specific day without a time required. We are currently working on a function that will allow you to order them by location/proximity or in whatever order you prefer. This is literally what our programmers are working on right now so it should be released shortly. However, until then I'd recommend scheduling them without a time or just using generic half hour blocks as a stop-gap.

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