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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Dual hydro just means you have independent control of each wheel, rather than a hydro transmissions that runs both with no control over each one individually. If you can turn the mower just using the controls it's a dual hydro.

I've been running a swivel (castering) sulky for 10+ years and really like it better than the trailering type ones. It is nice that the controls stay in front of you at all times and that you don't have to worrry about it jack-knifing on you when you go backwards. You can get 2 wheel trailering sulkies by the way that will stay in the same wheel tracks.

The downsides to the castering-type sulkies is that it can be difficult to keep them straight on undulating terrain and when traversing slopes...the weight of the operator influences the machine more than a trailering one does. Also you have to be careful when going from forward to backward and vice-versa if the wheels aren't kicked to the side at all...caster wheels have a hard time deciding what to do in those situations and can gouge the turf. What I do is turn just a little to get them spinning around or give a little hop to get my weight off of it for a second. It's really just straight forward and backwards that creates a problem, not that you couldn't gouge with them in soft turf in other conditions....usually not a problem though. They also swing wider than trailering type ones, and can whip you right off it if you spin around too fast. I can actually operate mine in either trailering or castering mode, but it's always in caster mode. Overall I think it's the way to go with a dual hydro mower, but some people hate them, I think mostly because they are harder to keep straight.
Hey Darryl, does weight play a role at all with the swivel wheel sulky? I always wanted one but thought i weighed to much, just thought it would be harder on the hydro system. With the trailer sulky when you turn you're just turning the machine and pulling the operator, and with a swivel you actually are turning the machine,and the person on the sulky.. Bye the way i'm 6ft 250lbs...
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