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Thats not a disease to mess with. Get the test and if you do indeed have Lymes find a doctor that will take you seriously. Some docs out there don't believe there's such a thing as Lyme Disease.

I got the vaccination for it about 13 years ago before they pulled it off the market. My doc did a random test for it a couple of years ago during a physical and it came back positve and he put me on the antibiotic for it. Sorry I can't remember the name.

Come to find out the antibodies in the vaccine were still active and it made the test positive. Knucklehead doc didn't bother to look at my records to see that I got the vaccine.

Anyway get the test and get well. I've heard some true horror stories of prople that had the disease and it became too late to get treated. Wheelchair bound and/or bedridden in extreme pain.

Nasty way to live out your last days.
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