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Originally Posted by Crimson Lawn View Post
These jokers are paid to do a job. Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, they all stink. If it was even business like, they should be fired.
Thats one of the many reasons I hired an accountant, could not keep up on all the tax codes. Stupid waste of time, and they all say were trying to do what is right for the American people?
What I dont get is why the IRS has reprogram, test, test, reprogram, run a few more tests, report it, test again and then we all hope they dont come back in June and say we made a mistake and everbody got to much back?
I am not dependent on my tax return to live but it does provide me with a little extra spring start up money.
People get the Government they deserve. The system is set up to prevent wide sweeping changes in many ways. People also have a short memory
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