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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I did not do an analysis of your site, but made a quick scan. Under "About" the first (second?) sentence says something about "fancy movers." I think you may mean "fancy mowers." "V" for a "W"
What am I paying my proof reader to do ?
Rodge: Thanks again!

Yes, I have been working with a copyright to assist me on the content.
She knows nothing about the business.

As mentioned, my primary focus to a fault has been on the mechanics of the site and getting some advanced mods going.
Linked to Facebook and twitter to stream teasers straight from the site to those channels. Setting up micro data and setting up the schema vocabulary. Getting my redirects from the old site moved over and verifying the google analytics and webmaster tools are functioning as they should.

Content and structure will come a little later, mostly after the redirects are indexed so I do not lose what ranking the old site did have.

That way when I do generate the content it will hopefully be indexed well.
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