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It was during the drought! It amounted to two mowings at the reduced rate. Then when fall arrived it was back to normal...Well normal plus core aeration, fall fert & weed control.
It sure sounded generous when I agreed to it though.
And I kept my job. At the old rate. Well, the old rate minus 5%. I'm doubting at this point that they'll even apply the 5% discount to me. It was just a blanket letter to all vendors.
To keep these accounts a person at least has to appear like they're trying to go along. I can wait for this to blow over.
If I made an issue over this they'd have 60 people trying to bid this job out from under me. Probably for less than the 95% they'd be paying me. This customer doesn't accept outside bids. They're OK with me. And I'm going to make sure it stays that way.
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