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My friend who I used to mow lawns with, folded his business
and gave me his GMC pickup for free. It's in rough shape.
I got it started with only recharging the battery and fired right up, replaced a brake line and it's mobile now, but far from getting through inspection and registered.
Don't know too much about Chevy/GMC trucks but have basic
mechanical knowledge. Where do I start? Is there some good books I could read up on Chevy/GMC pickup restoration?
I am looking for lots of detailed info. Chilton book from
my local library is just too brief.
I want to restore this truck and learn about restoration.
vin #TKL1491523401, "15 Royal Sierra" Is this model a C or K ....or are those only for Chevy trucks? has a Meyers plow, 4x4 full time NP203 Xcase,350 auto,1/2ton,8'bed
I need a wiring diagram for the electrical, head lights don't work, tried new lamps, no voltage at the sockets
Can I replace the front drive with a 205 Xcase and locking hubs? This truck needs alot of body work and everything is rusted on the frame and all metal fuild lines are in bad shape.
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