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The first example is interesting because there has to be a point when you you just shut them down and their power struggles with you. Iv been at this 23 years and there are certainly areas that you Sean have me completely out classed and know way more than I will claim too. But when it comes to efficiency on the job site and how best to attack a project even you will fall short. Yet somehow employees with 1-3 years of "experience" and I say that sparingly, feel they know it all and it is annoying as hell going into detail about how they are wrong for the 50th time.

I doubt if over the years iv even heard 3 good suggestions on how to do something better and more profitable then the way I had laid out. What seems to come out is they either have a serious issue with authority and therefore wish to feel that had some power. Or they tend to be extremely lazy and throw out one dumb idea after another that while it may save them personally a few moments in the end some one has to pick up their slack and cover for their inferior workmanship. I suppose that means iv yet to have that "key employee" who can actually think on the job and see all sides before he speaks.
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