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Originally Posted by sweetjetskier View Post
Do not waste your time with other back pack sprayers, get the best available:

Thanks for the info. I had never heard of them. It looked like a shindaiwa.

The info I found on it said it was actually a replacement for the shindaiwa 415.

I've had 4 Echo MS-50's that we have used day in and day out for the last 5 yrs with absolutley no malfunction or part replacement...only occasional maintenance. They've discontinued my model of MS-50 and I was at a loss about what I would replace them with when the time came. I have never liked solo and most everything else is complete junk. We do 20+ lawns a day every day and need quality at a reasonable price.

However, I insist on a brass wand. The Jacto comes with a fiber reinforced plastic wand. Luckily, a brass replacement wand can be purchased for $19.95

$99.95 for the backpack, $19.95 for the brass wand...That's about what I paid for my MS-50's 5 yrs ago.

I'll purchase one and see whether I will purchase more.

Thanks again.
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