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Originally Posted by zgrrl View Post
We do 30% lawn mowing and 60% Fine Garden Maintenance about 10% Install.
I run 1-2 employees a day besides myself, am in the field as a technician.

Two years ago went from Excel to Quickbooks...what a huge benefit. Agree with Darryl B above:
Learn how to set up your Lists and Chart of Accounts properly. I paid a bookkeeper to show me how to set up and use. We set up a dummy company first to make mistakes with.

I still schedule with a planner and excel (and can link worksheets to Materials Needed for example).
I like Quickbooks Pro, for the invoices, estimates, customer database management, labels for mailing, and the reports. Reports have really helped me see where I'm making and spening money.

However, had to upgrade a year ago to retain the 'benefit' of sending invoices by email. No choice there.
Thanks for the discussion..I'm going to look into jobber and hindsite.
Hi zgrrl,

Actually, as I was reading your post, I was thinking "Man, that sounds like a lot of hassle using the different programs - wish I could jump in and tell him to try Jobber."

Thanks for the interest. I'm glad you'll give us a shot. If you have not done so already, you can sign up for a free trial to check it out. Also, I would always recommend setting up a free demo to walk you through a typical work flow and set it up for your business.


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