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Originally Posted by kandalawncaremgr View Post
Is this gonna be full time for you. You have a nice equipment list there. I'm guessing some might be financed. You reaaly need to advertise your a** off unless again your fine with 15 lawns a week. I put out 3100 in advertising my first year. Which was a lot of money for a small one man operation. But In return I raked in almost 25000 my first year. So its an investment that is returned well over what you put out. Coming into my second season I doubled my client base. And will continue to dump money into advertising. I ask when I get a call where they heard about me they say well where haven't we seen you lol. Your everywhere. I say yep. Its how I built my brand and name followed by quality work. Get a website and take before and after pics
Was that $3100 or how many flyers you put out?
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