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Starting in the month of OCT we switch from high lift blades to gator blades and start lowering the mowers 1/4 of an inch each week until we get to 2.5 inches then we mow till OCT 30 then we cut every two weeks till we get to their clean up.We start Nov 15th regardless how many leaves are down you have to start some were very short window of operation about 35 to 45 days before it snows or rains a lot so cant make everyone happy so if customers say i want to wait till they all come down my response is okay but when we come if you want to wait we might be back before bad weather arrives and they don't get done its not are fault we will do it in the spring. I will not do clean ups in the winter my leaf loader dose not like frozen wet leaves. So do the people that want to get done and make money while you can because down here we don't always get snow to plow and its a long 3 months when your broke and no money.Don't let the time wasters cost you jobs and money move on the next ones that are willing to pay and for people who don't get done cause they waited it will be more money in the spring wet water logged leaves from winter to wet spring leaves = more time more money that's what i tell them after hearing that they will be more inclined to do it when your there it always works for me pay now or a lot more later your choice not mine dosen't matter i make money one way or the other.
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