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Been thru temp agencies before, didn't have good luck

By terrible attitude I mean "for $10 an hour I'm doing this?!?" Or "ughhhh do we have to do that"

This is the part where you guys say "well if you pay ur help more, you will get more out of them". Which is true, in 1 out of 20 guys.

It's so easy to terminate help, but then you have to replace, train and all that good stuff.

We have been the same size/growing slowly each year. We do residential, commercial, hoa, and municipal work. Have a good rep, and never failed to complete a contract. Most customers we have had for years and are on a first name basis with myself or my forman. Working hours usually go smoothly, it's when you get back to the house, off the clock and have a bunch of mostly younger guys is when all this happens

Bash me all you want, just sharing my experience with running from my house.
It sounds like most of the critics are experts, if you want to pm me and tell me your secret that would be nice
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