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Thank you laman and dboyd (David). Nice to hear your comments. I am by no means done but I am gratified that I have come this far. A lot of what I have done so far though is the grunt work. Now I really need to continue with a bit more finesse and thought. I also need to consider the sub-systems that make this thing run. Attached are 3 pics. You can see the fuel tanks have been added and the wiring harness is now installed. The plastic on the connectors is not in best shape. When I am all done and satisfied things are all OK with the safety switches I will either replace the connectors or at least wrap them in electrical tape.

I have not yet hooked up the hyrdo lines. I have also not yet connected the main pulley at the bottom of the engine and the electric clutch. My next task and what is giving me some frustration is getting the engine running in it's new home. Note I said running not started. This is my current road-block. The engine turns over fine. If I externally give it a fuel source (pour a little gas into the carb or spray some starter fluid), it will immediately start and run for a few seconds. Obviously I have a fuel delivery problem. I have cleaned the carb to within an inch of it's life and replaced some gaskets. Along the way the carb choke linkage retainer broke and I have a generic one on order. I do not however think this should keep the engine from running. It should run, just run badly. When the carb is on the engine, if I take off the bowl I find it is full of fuel. There is fuel getting into the carb. Apparently though it is not getting out of the carb and into the intake. I would say this is the classic symptom of a clogged jet. The problem is I can't see any clogs. They look clear and I can blow air through them. The model carb is a Nikki 4818. I am going to stare at some parts diagram for a while. It seems that Kawi has used a couple of different flavors of the nikki on the FH601V. I am wondering if there was a problem along the way somewhere that one of the newer styles solved that I don't know about. Anyway that is where I am. Until I can get this thing to run reliably there is not much point in moving on. Is there a way to test for a clogged jet? Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.
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