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Originally Posted by Gmgbo View Post
When I first started out I thought $40 pmh was way to high. Once I got rolling I realized I wasn't making any money. My jobs are all figured at $60-$75 pmh. I don't tell the customer that.
You really have to sell yourself and your company. Your appearance, knowledge, and expierance go a long way.

Greenguys makes many good points in his posts.

Why are you charging a fraction of what the hvac guy charges to come to your house?
Posted via Mobile Device opinions are from years of experience and yes...with lots of trial and error. I do like seeing the different numbers that people uae as their operating cost. Gas alone eats $4 per goal is to pay for a mower in 1500 hrs. I can go into a long spill on how to accurately figure your true operating cost. It gets into everything from a little for the odd stuff....i can assure you.. if you calculate your is more that $10 an hr.
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