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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Yea I usually go off on the ones that think they set the price of my service, I own this damn company and I tell you what the price is not the other way around. This is more and more common for some reason, and I'm in small claims court nowhere more and more I am not afraid to put a lein on your house and I let them know that along with a lawsuit.I have a lawyer that isn't afraid either, you HAVE to present yourself as a true professional not a guy with a mower, you have to have REAL service agreements with REAL letterheads, or people won't take you seriously.
I agree with this. I have a now former fat b@stard client (normally deal with his wife, whom is not much of a catch either) and hes been complaining multiple times a month about the snow bill and the minor turf damage and even claimed "he isnt paying the bill because there hasnt been enough snow", 4 pushes in one month, 3 on a 13" storm (contract states there may be more than 1 visit) and 1 on 2". Whenever he calls me he tries to boss me around because I'm young (21) and it nvr works because I'm not afraid to drop the gloves so to speak , but with what CPL stated, you have to be able to present & defend your company as any other business would and have a good lawyer. Speaking of which, that guy called me earlier tonight, he'll have a nice wake up call at 8 tmrw morning when I'm on my way to school.
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