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Originally Posted by TriCityLawnCareLLC View Post
The days and weeks are just not long enough
I refuse to work on Sundays

PITA customers- I weed them out
Customers who don't pay- i weed them out
I don't go after low-end work
I have had the dog crap splatter while trimming-not fun
LONG DAYS at work, then more work when you get home (sharpen blades, fill sprayers, fill spray tank, cleanout truck, wrapup paper work. return phone calls, maybe head out on an estimate.)

but all in all, i love this work-that's why I do it. I am striving to build a very reputable company with systems that work and produce good growth. If there is a major problem you have to find a way to solve it. Also, attitude determines Altitude.
Couldn't agree more with the bolded statement.
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