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Originally Posted by bigirish320 View Post
hey hey,

in RI your best bet is to do round one around secondish week of february and then last week of february or first week of march. Ive always done second week of feb, last week of feb, and then second week of march too. Went to the seminar at NEGROWS and the speaker said that it usually takes 3 times times to drive your point home and this makes sense cause the first one they are like, damn its too early for that, second one is like hmm i remember them and its almost the season, the last one is like wow i guess they are serious and the season is around the corner so ill give them a call
Alright looks like I'll give that a shot. I was only planning on doing two mailing of 15-20,000 but might reduce the amount of houses I hit and concentrate them more and do three mailings if you really feel that works best. Just hoping this really helps me grow this year.
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