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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Here is a link to a recent award winning thread I crafted Mr Rusk-A-Roni! Check it out

Techo puts alotta work into their showcases. Kinda impressive in all honesty. But at the end of the day more or less the same 'ol same 'ol.
I ventured here for my annual peak in. I agree with you on this and have talked with reps on this exact thing. Same old thing. I did not send my guys this year as we did other training events, I just can't find the underlying value to it. You can only jam new material so much until people get tired of it. My suggestion is to curtail these amount of road showcases down by 50%. Look at your top 10-15 locations and expand it to a two day educational arena. Charge something for it, minor fees, so you dont end up with hardscape rats. People will migrate to where they can learn. Theres only so many free jackets and stuff you need. Techo is known for innovation and listening so lets see if they switch this up. If they don't someone else will take the lead with this, watch.
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