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2012 scag mower bagging belt problems

I bought a 2012 scag tiger cat 52" mower with bagging system have less than 30 hours on the mower and less than 10 on the bagging system. My problem is the belt keeps stretching and breaking the new kevlar crap belts that are supposed to be so good. What peed me off is when i purchased the mower it said it had a 2 year warranty the bagging system was not on it. Got the bagging system a week later and noticed it said the warranty 90 days. well i broke 2 belts so i am on my 3rd belt. Has anyone else had this problem. Since i installed the bagger i took it back to make sure i had it hooked up right he adjusted cut and welded on the bagger part to make it fit better. It still breaks belts . This is not cost effective. Has anyone had a problem with there bagging system belt. I am considering using a rubber belt. Has anyone went this route and came out with good results. Ps i did not hit nothing with the belt
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