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I spoke with Captken yesterday, nice guy.

One of the methods/techniques that we discussed was identifying a single wire with a multimeter in a couple of measurements.

With access to both ends of a wire path, one may pair the wires with one measurement and identify them with the next measurement.

In Kens situation he has 8 wires.

At one end the wires are stripped and a wire nut is used to connect 2 wires. This leaves him with 4 pairs. Each pair is also taped to prevent separation when wire nuts are removed.

At the other end pair continuity is measured and wires labled.
1&2 3&4 5&6 7&8

Once paired and labled #1 wire is inserted into the earth, #2 is isolated from the earth.

At the other end the wire nuts are removed, the multimeter adjusted to megaohms and the black probe inserted into the earth.

A resistance measurement will be present only on the #1 wire, #2 will be its paired wire.

This method is very fast when one has a helper and works well when there is no tone/probe handy.
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