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Help for a newbie--Scag? Kubota? Hustler?

I have bed and breakfast with about 3 acres to keep mowed. Not going into the mowing business, but I need a heavy duty, realible ZTR to get this place mowed. Some hills, some rough ground--does not need to be highly manicured.

Friend says get a Scag, but even used the premium for those guys is pretty steep. Hustlers, Kubotas, Grasshoppers used with 60" decks are pretty easy to come by around here and more in the budget.

So, for the once-a-week mowing, still needs to be heavy duty and probably need a 60" deck, easy to maintain . . . do I suck it up and pay the premium for Scag, or can I save a couple grand and go with a lower-hour hustler or grasshopper. And for that matter, can I go with a Scag Wildcat, or do I really need to suck it up and get a Turf Tiger (used, of course).

Thanks for any help you can give an amateur.

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