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Turn around time is huge to, especially when starting out. When you have something go down, you cant afford to have to go without it 4-5 weeks while some kid they hired on for the summer busy season messes with it. I'm not even saying I blame the dealer. Of course the big guy who buys 4 or 5 new mowers for their fleet every year and countless trimmers/blowers is more important to them than a guy like me who runs has one crew. Thats just not the way I treat my customers, big or small, so I dont want to be dealt with that way. The dealer who has stuck with me while I'm small is going to be the one I deal with should I get big, even if they change from Gravely (what I buy now) to scag, or exmark, toro, or hustler. If they went to all snapper or something I'd probably have to become a dealer myself too!
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