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Need help on a bid

Good day all. I have a question for the experienced pros on this. I normally do residential lawns etc but today I recieved an email for a commercial maintenance job for a supermarket. This would obviously be a first for me and im not quite sure how to go about bidding on this (as far as pricing etc). Obviously I will be going to take a look at it with my own eyes. They included a blueprint of the property plus a list of what they are looking to have done for the season. I wanted to get some advise on how to go about this. I dont want to over price it and at the same time i do not want to under bid and cheat myself. Just some sort of guidance so that I can have a general idea in my head of how to start putting my bid together (if that made any sense to anyone lol). I am attatching the layout of the property plus the list of what they want done. Any help from seasoned pros that have experience with this kind of bidding would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all in advance.

The files are Microsoft Word and blue prints are in PDF format.
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