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I couldnt upload the word file so i copied and pasted instead.

Invoicing – A signed and/or store stamped document (by the location) shall be submitted with invoicing to show proof of work. The final invoice for the season should be received prior to November 25.

Weed Control - Price per occurrence
This includes spraying any weeds that may appear along the building, cracks of sidewalks, around light posts, islands, planting beds, fences, guardrails, etc. The entire property should be patrolled every two weeks and weeds removed/sprayed.

Mowing Price for Weekly Occurrence with first mowing to be completed by April 20– Mowing season shall not begin prior to April 1 and as of November 15. Mowing will occur on a minimum of every 7 days. Trash, branches, and other undesirable materials will be picked up prior to mowing of the grounds and disposed of by mowing contractor.

All contractors must report to the customer service desk before starting any work. This will allow the store management to report any outstanding issues before mowing or landscaping begins. When completed, report to the service desk, and get a signed “form 90” (or have the service desk sign your paperwork). You will need your signed/stamped paperwork (or the “form 90”) to be submitted with your invoicing (this is your proof of work).

Maintenance of Basins, Fields, Septic Areas, Guiderails, Embankments & Drainage Ditches – Price per occurrence (separate from weekly mowing pricing)
Basins, drainage fields, septic mounds, embankments and fields are to be cut to a finish height of 4” every 4 weeks in wet conditions and every six weeks when drought/dry conditions prevail. This includes all fencing areas, around all guiderails, either side of waterways and drainage ditches.

Spring Cleanup/Fertilizing – to be completed by April 30 – One Price for five services.
· Weed and Edging - use spade to ensure that all grass borders around tree rings and planting beds to have clear difference between mulch and grass areas.
· Spring Trimming- Trim small evergreen trees to remain small evergreen trees, trim all shrubs to keep them at a manageable level. If branches or shrubs are blocking store signage or driver’s view, this needs to addressed and note in pricing.
· Mulching – Remove all weeds, turn existing mulch, and add new mulch. Mulch in all areas to be at the 3” depth after new mulch is applied. Mulch should be close to but not touching the tree trunk.
· Fertilizer for Shrubs and Trees - While mulching, please apply plant/tree/shrub appropriate fertilizer in conjunction with the spring clean up.
· Lawn Fertilizer Application – Fertilizer with weed and feed control to be applied in early spring to all lawn areas.

Plant and Tree Replacement – Price per occurrence.
· Dead Trees, Plants, Shrubs - Please make note of any dead or missing plants, shrubs, etc. and indicate pricing to remove and replace with like planting. i.e. Burning bush replace with same specie, Bradford pear tree replaced with Bradford Pear, etc. All quotes will be e-mailed to the appropriate account manager at Shields Facilities Maintenance (to be determined if/when account is awarded).
Fall Cleanup – One time price
· Fall trimming of trees and shrubs to maintain manageable height and visibility. Also, trimming of decorative grasses, and cutting back perennial plants. Cleanup of leaves, sticks and other trash and debris.
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