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Originally Posted by Trucklover View Post
This year things are getting huge for my company and I am worried! I have alot of new customers lined up (150 ish) and I will being doing work for a property management company, I am worried on how much my crew can do in a week and still keep a decent amount of money coming in. What do you guys expect your crews to do a week (How many mowings) most of my customers are 1 acre or less. I fig I will be paying out 800-900 a week in labor for two guys and after truck cost fuel and equipment how much do I need to pull in? Landscaping was a part time thing for me and now I am lost and need advice please!
If that all you're paying two employee's, then they're right at minimum wage or even less IF you're paying SS, taxes and WC. OR, you're just paying guys on unemployment cash under the table. It's things like this that make me go, hummmm.
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