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Absolutely! Great info.. i most always ask who the previous company is or was....and if they are rebidding for problems...or is it just an annual thing? There are actually a few companies that i know well and respect their work. And we all get along....and if i get a call from mrs j and she says she hasnt been please with company x...and tells me why. I will go look....and if the property is up to par...i will be hobest and tell them i cant do it any better. I will be hlad to have th:eir business but i cant make it look any better thannit does. I know that sounds bad...but in my view....that is what Sean has discussed before...screen your prospects. If company x isnt pleasing may not be company x...
It may be the customer. On occasions my alli companies have not been up to par. And if thats the case....i dont mind offering a bid. But out of respect for these select companies...i am very hesitant about it. And most of rhe time with these allies... we call each other and just inform each other and ask...whats with mrs j. She called wanting a bid. I always tell them to bid....if i am not making them happy...they are gonna move on.....might as well be with someone i know and respect.
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