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Originally Posted by Kleen Kutz View Post
Hey Krayz, what's your rate per hour for landscaping? Or do you charge by the hour?
I usually price landscape work by job.
For example: landscape cleanup
Weeding of beds, trimming of shrubs, re-edging of bed, app of pre-m, mulch.

I always over price by a lil for those just in case situations.
Labor: depends on how physical intensive $60-$125hr
Materials: product + 15%-20% markup.

For mowing i used to go by the while $1/min. But i realized i was leaving alot of money on the table. Ive raised my mowing minimum to $45/cut for this season.

So far this week i was atleast $200 higher on two landscape cleanup bids three other companies, but i got both jobs due to the quality of my other work and one lady liked my personality. She said i straight forward and didnt try to BS her.
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