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Originally Posted by biodale View Post
I am following this thread because, even though I do not presently have one, I can see myself getting one in the future. I am running into more times when I have a use for it. I am just saying I don't think it a necessary piece of equipment for someone just starting out. The few times I needed one I was able to borrow one from my irrigation parts supplier.
I do not want to sound demeaning, but if you need to borrow a tool you need to OWN the tool especially if you want to call yourself a professional.

We do not have time nor want to waste the time driving to rent tools. We have 5 full-time service crews and each truck has:

RB, Hunter and TRC remotes
Mid-West 835 Test Kit (All my techs are certified testers)
Professional multi-meter and clamp meter
521 or Armada 800 locators (we also have a ditch witch 910 and a Rigid SR-20)
3 trucks have T3 Innovations Snap-Shots
Toner and valve actuator

I do not want to brag and I guess if anything I am proud of my service techs, the tools we have and the investments we have made. Once you get into real irrigation troubleshooting a locator is a MUST.

If you are not using a locator a few times a week, then you have to be serving mostly residential or very small commercials.

It sounds like you do allot of service work and this is not meant to put anyone down. Gear up, learn to use the tools and then you will watch your numbers soar.

I do like you comment about wires in the ground
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