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Advanced Landscaping Services (CT) Photo Thread

Been on this site for awhile now but never really showed any of our work or equipment pictures. I started the in the business when I was 14 with a pushmower and my neighborhood and then grew from there nothing crazy but its been a fun ride. In 2005 I formed the company when I graduated high school and have grown from there. I work fulltime as a firefighter and do this as a "Part Time" job but its every bit of working two full time jobs.

The company started as just mowing but soon grew into landscape installs, lawn installation which led to small excavation, which eventually grew into tree work etc.. Its amazing the new skills you learn and new jobs you eventually take on as time moves forward. If you told me back in 2005 that I would be 70' up an oak on a rope I would tell you that you were crazy but times have since changed.

These two are of a mud pit of a back yard that a homeowner tried to repair himself with a rented mini excavator.
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